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"We believe in spiritual and physical growth. We strive for the courage to be vulnerable with ourselves and each other to grow.  Faith is a continual journey to challenge our complacency with God. We want to mentor, teach, and grow new and young believers.  We want to grow in fellowship with others."

We find ourselves in a new season of learning and growing, and it's so important in the

midst of all this change, to find ways to stay on our path with Christ. Here at Ash Lane we

are finding ways for you to continually grow in your faith. Click a link below to find out

more about how you can keep growing! 

Children Praying
Children's Ministry
Volunteering Group
Small Groups
Sheet Music
Music Ministry
Biblical Studies
Grow, Pray, Study 
Bible discussion group
Group Bible Study
Cooking Class
United Methodist Women
Friends Talking
United Methodist Men
Growing as a Disciple
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