Worship Information:


It is our heart here at Ash Lane UMC that everyone has an opportunity to worship. We are  providing  different avenues for worship so that all can feel comfortable at our varying levels of comfort during these continual times of adjustment. 


Please join us for online worship on Facebook or YouTube each  Sunday at 10:30 a.m.  

or,  join us for the following In-Person Worship Services & Sunday School 

In-Person Worship in the Sanctuary  at  8:30 & 11am

In-Person Sunday School from  9:45-10:45am

Our Current  COVID-19  Worship Protocols  - effective June 20, 2021

:“Getting Back to Normal”, is certainly a process which continues to take us from where we are today to a place where worship, learning, and fellowship can take place unencumbered by COVID-19 precautions. 


The following are our current Worship protocols:

  • For all those who are Fully Vaccinated, masks are now optional in all areas of the church, including the Sanctuary and the Commons. Vaccinated persons who prefer to continue to wear masks may certainly do so.

  • For those who are not vaccinated, we strongly encourage the continued wearing of masks in all areas of the church.

  • In all cases, we will continue to maintain social distancing requirements in all common areas of the church, and ask all our congregants to be especially diligent in this area as we transition away from the wearing of masks.

  • We will continue to offer online worship at 10:30 each Sunday morning for those who are not comfortable with in-person attendance under these new protocol.

Ash Lane intends to continue the use of best practices during this time of adjustment and re-acclimation with the highest consideration for the safety and comfort of all members and visitors.

Note: Unfavorable changes in the COVID-19 situation (e.g., increasing positivity rates, new variants impacting Tarrant County, confirmed case contact-tracing to Ash Lane UMC) may cause us to have to postpone, revise or cancel some or all of these measures.