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Ministry Safe

Ash Lane United Methodist Church takes our responsibility to care for children, students, and other vulnerable persons very seriously. Following the guidelines of the Central Texas Conference, our policies are intended to create a safe environment for children, students, and vulnerable adults, protecting them, the adults who work with them, and the mission of this church.  We look forward to working with you!

Overview of the Safety System at Ash Lane United Methodist Church

Because Ash Lane United Methodist Church loves youth and desires to protect them, our church requires all staff members and volunteers working with children or youth (and other vulnerable populations) to complete 4 SAFETY STEPS before ministry work or volunteer placement begins.

STEP ONE: Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

To equip our staff members and volunteers with information necessary to recognize abuser characteristics and grooming behavior, we require all staff members and volunteers to complete Ministry Safe sexual abuse awareness training (live or online). This training must be renewed every two years.

STEP TWO: Screening Process

Staff members and volunteers are required to complete our Screening Process, which requires a staff member or volunteer to:

  • Complete an Employment Application (employees only)

  • Complete the Safety Application (employees and volunteers)

  • Complete a face-to-face interview (employees and volunteers)

  • Provide references to be checked (employees and volunteers)

  • Be active in attendance at this church for six months before being eligible to serve in positions providing access to children, youth or vulnerable populations. An exception may be made with the approval of the Safety Committee.

STEP THREE: Policies & Procedures

Staff members and volunteers are required to review the policies contained in the ‘Ministry Safe Policies and Procedures Manual’ and sign the last page indicating that he or she has read and understood the material, and agrees to comply with policy requirements.

STEP FOUR: Criminal Background Check

Our church requires that all staff members and volunteers working or volunteering in children’s or youth activities or programming undergo a criminal background check. Depending upon the position, differing levels or intensity of background check may be required. This will be repeated every four years.

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